An art project

The basis of this project is the crowd-sourcing of secret thoughts.

The artist will select the thoughts she finds most inspiring and convert them into designs combining images, text and thoughtful color combinations. She then creates hand-made, limited edition prints on watercolor paper using screenprinting.

Want to contribute? Just add a comment here.

An art project

Post your secret thought here

Share your secret thought(s) here. What I’m looking for are thoughts that are awkward to say out loud, but not excessively offensive. Please search your soul for something more creative than sexual fantasies.

You can comment anonymously by just entering a nickname in the Name field or leaving the Name and Email fields blank.

If you prefer your thought to not be shown publicly, you can email it to me at .

You may write the thought in your native language, but you risk mis-interpretation by Google Translate unless it’s in English, Spanish, German, French or Catalan.

In any case, I reserve the right to edit the text while maintaining the idea to make it fit on the page when I create the design.

Go for it, share that thought!

Post your secret thought here